101 things in 1001 days!

Start Date: 16/09/2013  End Date: June 13th 2016
(I googled it so I hope that's right, sounds correct haha!)

1. Learn to drive
2. Get a full time job    4/10/13
3. Get a flat with my boyfriend
4. Do up my room, to how I'm happy with it
5. Go on holiday or for a weekend away somewhere.
6. Reach 500 followers on my blog (I can wish!)
7. Get at least one more tattoo, hopefully more though.
8. See Tenacious D in concert in December.  9/12/13
9. Go to New York
10. Go to France/Paris
11. Save £1000 & do something amazing with it!
12. Run the race for life for the 4th time.
13. Tone up my Stomach
14. Get back into Photography & take my DSLR out more with me
15. Complete Skyrim (If that's possible) As many quests as I can find. (Is that a bit sad?)
16. Go to Marwell Zoo
17. Go to the Hobbit pub. It just sounds amazing, even writing it!
18. Get a German Shepherd
19. Set up a savings account  30/01/14
20. Get a double bed.
21. Eat healthier
22. Go to Disney Land
23. Learn something new
24. Go to Cadbury World
25. If I pass my driving test in this time, go on a road trip somewhere & see where I end up
26. Go to Birmingham & the BullRing.
27. Try out 5 new makeup brands
28. Get 500 twitter followers 3/02/14
29. Watch 100 films I've never seen before! (This is 40, This is the end, Get Smart, Pain & Gain, Pacific Rim, Hotel for Dogs, Grown ups 2
30. Attend some sort of event :)
31. Be more confident!
32. Pass my Theory.
33. Go to Deans Diner
34. Don't eat fast food/takeaways for a month.
35. Make a new friend.
36. Design a half sleeve for my brother.
37. Get an Iphone.
38. Do something amazing for my 21st
39. Tell my family about my blog.
40. Go to the amusements 11/1/14
41. Learn to bake
42. Improve my blog design.
43. Buy a real technique's brush!
44. Buy a product from Mac (Never tried anything from there!)  1/11/13
45. Get Extensions
46. Get a lot of my photo's printed out & put them into photo albums (Don't just leave them on my laptop.)
47. Go to Harrods' or just London in general around Christmas time! (It's meant to be really nice there at that sort of time!) 23/12/13
48. Own a pair of Converse! 25/12/13
49. Use hair chalk!
50. Visit Scotland again <3
51. Win a competition  Bourjois Giveaway 3/2/14 & blogger giveaway. (January 2014)
52. Try & sell some of my Brighton Photographs or get it into some sort of exhibition.
53. Take my boyfriend to the Arsenal stadium (Just a tour or a game)
54. Learn to cook
55. Go on the back of a motorbike
56. See something in the theatre
57. Paint a picture
58. Meet someone famous.
59. Take photo booth pictures with my boyfriend every time we go out for the day (Not around my area) So if we go to Brighton or London, places like that for the day.
60. Learn French (I know some as I done it in school but have forgotten most of it!)
61. Ride a horse.
62. Experiment with different nail designs/art
63. Get into the up & coming blogs under beauty
64. Go to a festival
64. Read at least 5 books
65. Go to the cinema 20 times
66. Get my nails done professionally 28/12/13
67. Get in contact with an old friend.
68. Get into a decent night time skin routine.
69. Hit 5,000 page views on my blog
70. Do a giveaway on my blog/twitter!
71. Be confident enough to post outfit posts on my blog
72. Go to a restaurant I've never been to before
73. Make a YouTube video,
74. Have someone famous follow me on twitter!
75. Try 3 Higher end brands
76. Update my Ipod/Get the newer edition (Mines the 1st one so wont let me update/download anything anymore!)
77. Get into a proper skin care routine.
78. Get Photoshop or some sort of editing program
79. Try NYX products!
80. See a comedian live
81. Go to 5 gigs/concerts (Tenacious D, JLS,
82. Get my ears re pierced
83. Dye my hair (I may change my mind on this one!)
84. Start to draw more again/ designing tattoos
85. Get work experience in a tattoo parlour
86. Learn a song on guitar
87. Own a pair of GHD's
88. Go to the science museum
89. Exercise more or some sort of workout in the mornings
90. Get into a proper sleeping pattern, not staying awake until like 3 in the morning :| Since I started my job in October :) - October 2013.
91. Try out 5 different skin care brands
92. Get my 1st car (I'm hoping for a mini cooper, but in reality I know that's never going to happen! ha)
93. Go on a spending ban for a month.
94. Learn to swim (I had lessons but had to stop them just as I was beginning to fully learn)
95. Try to see my nephew as much as I can
96. Go to Camden Market again but properly look around this time!
97. Get my Instagram back! 25/12/13
98. Have a blog sale
99. Try to make my own piece of jewerelly or an accessory
100. Become friends & maybe meet up with a blogger!
101. Complete all these things in 1001 days!
Phew! I hope I can do all these things, or at least more than half!


  1. Oh wow, hope you can do all of these! You should definitely do outfit posts on your blog :) also I haven't been Cadbury world since I was little, really want to go again!

    1. Thankyou :) I think I will, I've put one up but definitely going to start doing more as that one seemed to go down quite well! xx

  2. Good luck with them all, I went to vegas for my 21st!, Enjoyed reading, Going to follow x


  3. Never seen anyone do a list like this and keep it in a 'page.' Love how you have done that and you can cross it off when you are done :)

    I absolutely love the skull you have on your header by the way!

    Much love,

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara


    Thanks for leaving your link on my twitter, much appreciated :) xx