Thursday, 14 January 2016

What's In My Bag; Michael Kors!

I never thought of myself as the type of girl who would have a massive love for handbags, until I received this one for Christmas! My boyfriend generously offered to buy me a handbag and I picked out this one, which I absouloutly love!
I decided to go for a slightly different colour, I have so many black handbags, so I wanted something slightly different but would still go with almost anything so I chose the tan/brown colour and the make of this bag, I believe is called 'Ciara.' It's well structured and the quality is amazing.. I think its gorgeous!
Anyway, enough about the bag and more about what's inside of it!

Red Or Dead Glasses; I always need these with me as I have to wear them when I drive and I usually wear them for work too! People always say I suit glasses but I'd still much prefer contacts, something I'm working on! The thought of somehow taking them out every night just freaks me out!
Chewing Gum; I prefer having the tubs just to chuck in my handbag, easier to find and last a lot longer. These ones are bubblemint.. laaavely!
Hand Sanitizer; I always like to have this with me, whether it's in the car or the bag.. I actually have one in both haha, this one is really cute and handy as its thin and pocket sized. It's also a spray rather than a gel/soap so it dries a lot quicker.
Hairbrush & Pen; Two things which are always handy to have in your handbag! Everyone always needs a pen at some point.
Perfume; I realise you cant actually see the bottle now from the angle I took the photo but it is the DKNY be delicious; Fresh Blossom. I got this for Christmas and really like it for an everyday scent. It's more of a fruity scent which I tend to go for.
Lip Stick, Balm and Gloss; I always carry lip products with me over anything else, lip balm is just an essential for me, especially in the colder months, the lipstick and gloss are two of my favourite go to products. The Max Factor lip gloss is in the colour 'Radiant Rose' and the lipstick is one of my all time favourites from L'Oreal's Color Riche collection in 'Doutzen's Nude' a gorgeous baby pink colour.
 IPhone; Of course I carry my phone with me.. who doesn't nowadays! Although to be honest I am usually holding it!
Charger & Travel charger; You never know! I usually only take the proper charger because I have a car charger too so would obviously need the lead which is a lot easier to find in a handbag full of stuff if it has a plug attached to it!
House & Car keys; Essentials!
Radley Purse; I honestly couldn't tell you why I have two purses! This one tends to have cards and things in it that I don't use quite as much but I still carry around with me just incase!
Michael Kors Purse; I haven't had this for too long but I already love it.. it's what tempted me into getting the bag in black aswell because it would match but nevermind! It actually doubles up as phone holder too as it has a section in the middle so if I'm just going out quickly I tend to just grab this as it has everything I need in one place, including cards I regularly use and my ID etc.
Hope you liked this post, I know there a popular one! If you've done one of these lately definitely leave your link below so I can take a look :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Empties #5

 My room is always full of used products, taking up space, so I decided to finally take the photo's and put the blog post up so I could throw them away!
I'll start with all the face/skincare items I used up, I've probably included my day and night creams in one of these posts before, there my go to, I know they work and that's why I always stick with them. The Olay cream has changed slightly, I've already re purchased it and it now says it's a moisturiser and also doubles up as a primer which is handy if it works well! The Nivea night cream is great, works well, not greasy and makes your skin feel lovely, this ones had a re design on the tub too!
I seem to go through my foundations ridiculously quick, this is my favourite foundation to use, although I think I might give a different one a go this time! Another product from Rimmel is the fix & perfect primer, I really liked this and got a lot of use out of it! I'm going to see how it goes using my moisturiser as my primer before I go out and buy another!
The benefit they're real mascara is a staple for every make up lover I think! I wont say too much about it because you've most likely heard it all before, but if you want long lashes, this is the one to get! I've got tons of mascaras to use up, along with another one of these but I'm going back to my all time favourite which is the Rimmel scandaleyes in extreme black, love it!
Last up, is the Nivea lip balm in Pearly Shine, I loved this because as well as doing what you'd expect from a lip balm it also adds a lovely hint of colour, a baby pink shade which works great on it's own or as a base for your lipstick.
 Onto Hair and body products..
I've used up a couple of batiste dry shampoo's, I know there are a lot more than there used to be from loads of different brands which I love and have tried a lot of different ones, but this is always the one I come back too, I find it's the brand that's works the best for me personally and I love the selection of scents they have.
Another product I always reach for is the sure deodorant, not much to say about this one! It does the job so I stick with it haha!
I used up a shampoo and conditioner from Avon, I've never actually used any hair products from them which is probably not the best considering I used to work for them however, I am usually pretty fussy with my hair care and stick to tresemme but these did work well so I may try a few more things from their hair care section in the future!
Last up is a shower gel/body wash from the body shop. This one was in the scent passion fruit, and I love it! They're so affordable and smell amazing, this has got to be my favourite scent. I'm definitely more of a lush girl than body shop but I do love going their and picking up a few of these!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


So it's been a while! I haven't posted since March which I think is the longest time yet, I got into a pretty good routine and I don't really know what happened! I passed my driving test back in May, had a car accident a week later so that took a while to sort out as well as trying to find a new car. I also drove up to Scotland in July for my dads wedding, went back to my old job to help pay for the travel etc and recently quit it again a few weeks ago so I'm now on the look out for a new job! As well as some other personal things which have happened. Jee! A lot can happen in 5 months!
I thought this would be a great time to get back into blogging and hopefully create some sort of new routine whilst looking for a job. I did miss doing it, especially the social side of it. I've missed out on a lot of blogging events so I'm excited to get back into it and see what new experiences and opportunity's it throws at me! I'm going to try and go out of my comfort zone this time round as I feel like sometimes my confidence stops me from going to, what look like amazing events! I've been to a couple of blogging meet ups with the Soton girls and really enjoyed it, so I think its time I started saying yes to more things!
I'm a lot more active on Instagram now, which if you fancy following me, my username is; Caz_xo
I'm also thinking about buying a template for my blog to make it look slightly more professional, I created my current one by myself, which isn't too bad for me! I'm thinking of going with pipdig, as I've heard a lot about it but if anyone else has any more suggestions, definitely let me know! I also want to change my URL and take the 'BlogSpot' part out of it which to be honest, I don't really know where to start but I'm sure I'll figure it out!
I was going to combine this post with a favourites or a small review but I think I've rambled on enough with the update!
I have so many new and different ideas for posts lined up so I'm looking forward to starting my blog up again properly!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March Glossybox!

Last month I posted my February Glossybox thinking it would be my last one, but apparently that wasn't the case! I thought I gave plenty of time in my cancellation (Just about a month!) but they still said I'd receive and have to pay for the March box however, I'm not too bothered to be honest as I'm pretty impressed with this months!
First of all I love the fact they've put 4 full size products in this month, along with too great size samples, rather than the usual packets they throw in.. it also makes it seem like your getting an extra product which is always nice!
 First up is the Naobay Moisturizing Peeling: I love the packaging on this, it's really simple yet still looks really sleek with the wooden top. I think most people were already aware they were going to receive this if you saw the sneak peek in the last box. I cant wait to try this out, it's a new brand to me so I'm looking forward to seeing how it works and if it has any lasting effect on my skin!
Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara: Essence is always a brand I like seeing in my Glossybox as it's always a brand I see out and about while shopping but I never tend to pick up on my own accord.. I don't know why because so far their products haven't disappointed and I'm sure this one will be the same!
NCLA Nail Varnish: I have so many nail varnishes it's unbelievable, for that reason I don't tend to buy them for myself so it's always a nice product to receive, especially when it's a colour/shade you don't already have! I'm not really a pink person, it's never a colour I would go for myself but I will definitely give it a go, it's a great spring colour!
Sleek Makeup Pout Paint: I'm pretty sure this was in a Glossybox a good few months ago, but I received a different product in place of this. The shade I got is way too bright for my complexion however, these are meant to be used softly for a light stain or mixed with another lipstick or pout paint to create your own colour so I'll definitely be looking into that!
Dove Advanced Hair Series: I'm only 21 so hair ageing isn't something I've ever thought about if I'm honest! However, it doesn't hurt to start early! From reading up on them they sound like they would be suited to most hair types though, they help with weaker and more brittle hair and as I have pretty thin hair, this product may actually help as well as keeping it youthful along the way! I sometimes wear extensions mainly to make my hair appear thicker so if a shampoo & conditioner can do the same thing that would be great!
 I was pretty pleased with this months box and really looking forward to trying out some new things! This box definitely has a good mixture, covering most things from hair to skin and of course make up!
What are your thoughts on this months box?

Monday, 23 February 2015

Avon Luxe Lipstick; Bare Elegance

I'm always on the lookout for new lipsticks, even if I do have enough to last me a lifetime! My favourite shades are nudes and baby pinks so while I was working with Avon a few months a go I couldn't help but pick this one up when I saw it! At the time it was in a new collection 'luxe' which helped push me into buying it, these are slightly more expensive than normal Avon lipsticks at £9.50 each but in my opinion it's definitely worth it! Plus you can usually find Avon's products on offer quite a bit.. so worth looking out for if you don't want to pay as much.
This shade is in 'Bare Elegance' - the perfect nude colour! I can't actually find this shade on the website, so it may just be out of stock at the moment, I'm hoping that's the reason!
This is fast becoming one of my favourite lipstick shades, it's a really nice wearable, everyday colour. It's got to be one of the most creamy and moisturising formula's I've tried from a lipstick which I love, because of this, it doesn't last as long as some of their other lipsticks but I don't find that too much of a problem as it makes up for it in the colour pay off as well as the formula. It isn't drying at all and gives you a really lovely shiny finish.
The packaging is also something which grabbed my attention when I first saw it in the booklet, it's a gorgeous gold colour with a lace print on the bottom half, lovely to have in your handbag!
It's a really good quality product, in both packaging and the lipstick itself, it really does live up to the name of the collection!
The range is actually on offer at the moment, so I'd definitely recommend trying these out.. plus if you do have a local avon rep you can always ask them for a sample of a colour to try before you buy!

 Have any of you tried this out, what did you think?

Friday, 20 February 2015

Lush; Comforter Bubble Bar!

I'm slowly making my way though the mound of lush products I've got at the moment and I think I've found a favourite! This is the mini comforter bubble bar, it contains bergamot oil, cassis absolute and cypress oil. I love the scent and that is a big reason why it's fast becoming one of my favourites! It's very fruity and sweet.. it actually reminded me of those fizzers you used to get when you were a kid, that are now in 'retro' sweet tins! (With parma violets,anyone?) So if your not a fan of strong sweet scents this isn't for you, if you are on the other hand.. this is perfect!
 Because this was the mini one and not the regular sized one, I did use the whole thing.. with the full sized one I think they say you can use it 1-4 times.. it's pretty big!
What I also love about this is that it does create a lot of bubbles and the colour is so vibrant, it really is a nice product to use in the winter months! I know some people worry that the colour sometimes transfers onto the skin or the hair but I can assure you that's definitely not a problem with this one and it's actually not something I've experienced with any lush products.
You can see from the photo's just how vibrant the colour is and how many bubbles it creates. The scent is one that lingers for a good amount of time afterwards which I always love as it leaves your bathroom smelling lovely. I wouldn't say I felt any particular difference in my skin afterwards but it does definitely do what they say.. leaves you feeling comforted, relaxed, with a lot of bubbles!
What are your thoughts on this? Is it one you want to try?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Homeware Wishlist!

You know your getting old when you start loving looking around homeware shops! Three of my favourite ones to look in are Primark, Tkmaxx and Homesense which is pretty much the same shop but full of only homeware/décor however, they don't have online stores so I put together a few little bits that I found else where which I'm liking at the moment!

Flamingo Candles; Pink Lemonade; £12.00 - Here
Wooden 'Bits & Bobs' Tray; £7.20 - Here
Hugs & Kisses Photo Frame; £6.00 - Here
You & Me Metal Frame; £15.00 - Here
Ikea Tub Char; £80 - Here
Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat Pencil Set; £4.00 - Here
Alex Shelf With Drawers; £35 - Here
Check Cushion; £7.99 - Here
Fake Fur Blanker; £49.99 - Here
I'm half way through decorating my room at the moment so I'm always on the look out for more ideas and inspiration. My room is fairly small so anything that has extra storage like these shelf's are good for me! I'm going for kind of a shabby chic look, mostly grey, whites and some black so I feel like a lot if not all of these items would fit into that genre.
The chair, cushion and throw/ blanket I personally would put all together, I think it would look really nice in one corner of the room. The pencils I just had to include, their so cute and definitely fits in with a lot of bloggers! I'm loving their site, Gifts & Pieces at the moment, it's filled with affordable, unique items and is also where the 'bits & bob's' tray is from.
The two frames are lovely I think, I love the simplicity of the you & me one and think it would look lovely against a plain white wall. The other one is actually from Tesco and is something I just came across whilst browsing online, there's something about it which I really like!
The flamingo candle is something I've been wanting to try ever since I saw their page on twitter, they do such an amazing range of scents and their jars look adorable and are a good size!
Anyway this was just a quick little post showing some things I've been loving lately & hopefully will get my hands on soon!
If any of you have homeware/décor posts or wish lists I'd love to see them!