Thursday, 14 January 2016

What's In My Bag; Michael Kors!

I never thought of myself as the type of girl who would have a massive love for handbags, until I received this one for Christmas! My boyfriend generously offered to buy me a handbag and I picked out this one, which I absouloutly love!
I decided to go for a slightly different colour, I have so many black handbags, so I wanted something slightly different but would still go with almost anything so I chose the tan/brown colour and the make of this bag, I believe is called 'Ciara.' It's well structured and the quality is amazing.. I think its gorgeous!
Anyway, enough about the bag and more about what's inside of it!

Red Or Dead Glasses; I always need these with me as I have to wear them when I drive and I usually wear them for work too! People always say I suit glasses but I'd still much prefer contacts, something I'm working on! The thought of somehow taking them out every night just freaks me out!
Chewing Gum; I prefer having the tubs just to chuck in my handbag, easier to find and last a lot longer. These ones are bubblemint.. laaavely!
Hand Sanitizer; I always like to have this with me, whether it's in the car or the bag.. I actually have one in both haha, this one is really cute and handy as its thin and pocket sized. It's also a spray rather than a gel/soap so it dries a lot quicker.
Hairbrush & Pen; Two things which are always handy to have in your handbag! Everyone always needs a pen at some point.
Perfume; I realise you cant actually see the bottle now from the angle I took the photo but it is the DKNY be delicious; Fresh Blossom. I got this for Christmas and really like it for an everyday scent. It's more of a fruity scent which I tend to go for.
Lip Stick, Balm and Gloss; I always carry lip products with me over anything else, lip balm is just an essential for me, especially in the colder months, the lipstick and gloss are two of my favourite go to products. The Max Factor lip gloss is in the colour 'Radiant Rose' and the lipstick is one of my all time favourites from L'Oreal's Color Riche collection in 'Doutzen's Nude' a gorgeous baby pink colour.
 IPhone; Of course I carry my phone with me.. who doesn't nowadays! Although to be honest I am usually holding it!
Charger & Travel charger; You never know! I usually only take the proper charger because I have a car charger too so would obviously need the lead which is a lot easier to find in a handbag full of stuff if it has a plug attached to it!
House & Car keys; Essentials!
Radley Purse; I honestly couldn't tell you why I have two purses! This one tends to have cards and things in it that I don't use quite as much but I still carry around with me just incase!
Michael Kors Purse; I haven't had this for too long but I already love it.. it's what tempted me into getting the bag in black aswell because it would match but nevermind! It actually doubles up as phone holder too as it has a section in the middle so if I'm just going out quickly I tend to just grab this as it has everything I need in one place, including cards I regularly use and my ID etc.
Hope you liked this post, I know there a popular one! If you've done one of these lately definitely leave your link below so I can take a look :)

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