Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Empties #5

 My room is always full of used products, taking up space, so I decided to finally take the photo's and put the blog post up so I could throw them away!
I'll start with all the face/skincare items I used up, I've probably included my day and night creams in one of these posts before, there my go to, I know they work and that's why I always stick with them. The Olay cream has changed slightly, I've already re purchased it and it now says it's a moisturiser and also doubles up as a primer which is handy if it works well! The Nivea night cream is great, works well, not greasy and makes your skin feel lovely, this ones had a re design on the tub too!
I seem to go through my foundations ridiculously quick, this is my favourite foundation to use, although I think I might give a different one a go this time! Another product from Rimmel is the fix & perfect primer, I really liked this and got a lot of use out of it! I'm going to see how it goes using my moisturiser as my primer before I go out and buy another!
The benefit they're real mascara is a staple for every make up lover I think! I wont say too much about it because you've most likely heard it all before, but if you want long lashes, this is the one to get! I've got tons of mascaras to use up, along with another one of these but I'm going back to my all time favourite which is the Rimmel scandaleyes in extreme black, love it!
Last up, is the Nivea lip balm in Pearly Shine, I loved this because as well as doing what you'd expect from a lip balm it also adds a lovely hint of colour, a baby pink shade which works great on it's own or as a base for your lipstick.
 Onto Hair and body products..
I've used up a couple of batiste dry shampoo's, I know there are a lot more than there used to be from loads of different brands which I love and have tried a lot of different ones, but this is always the one I come back too, I find it's the brand that's works the best for me personally and I love the selection of scents they have.
Another product I always reach for is the sure deodorant, not much to say about this one! It does the job so I stick with it haha!
I used up a shampoo and conditioner from Avon, I've never actually used any hair products from them which is probably not the best considering I used to work for them however, I am usually pretty fussy with my hair care and stick to tresemme but these did work well so I may try a few more things from their hair care section in the future!
Last up is a shower gel/body wash from the body shop. This one was in the scent passion fruit, and I love it! They're so affordable and smell amazing, this has got to be my favourite scent. I'm definitely more of a lush girl than body shop but I do love going their and picking up a few of these!

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