Monday, 23 February 2015

Avon Luxe Lipstick; Bare Elegance

I'm always on the lookout for new lipsticks, even if I do have enough to last me a lifetime! My favourite shades are nudes and baby pinks so while I was working with Avon a few months a go I couldn't help but pick this one up when I saw it! At the time it was in a new collection 'luxe' which helped push me into buying it, these are slightly more expensive than normal Avon lipsticks at £9.50 each but in my opinion it's definitely worth it! Plus you can usually find Avon's products on offer quite a bit.. so worth looking out for if you don't want to pay as much.
This shade is in 'Bare Elegance' - the perfect nude colour! I can't actually find this shade on the website, so it may just be out of stock at the moment, I'm hoping that's the reason!
This is fast becoming one of my favourite lipstick shades, it's a really nice wearable, everyday colour. It's got to be one of the most creamy and moisturising formula's I've tried from a lipstick which I love, because of this, it doesn't last as long as some of their other lipsticks but I don't find that too much of a problem as it makes up for it in the colour pay off as well as the formula. It isn't drying at all and gives you a really lovely shiny finish.
The packaging is also something which grabbed my attention when I first saw it in the booklet, it's a gorgeous gold colour with a lace print on the bottom half, lovely to have in your handbag!
It's a really good quality product, in both packaging and the lipstick itself, it really does live up to the name of the collection!
The range is actually on offer at the moment, so I'd definitely recommend trying these out.. plus if you do have a local avon rep you can always ask them for a sample of a colour to try before you buy!

 Have any of you tried this out, what did you think?

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