Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Avon Eyeliner.

I use a lot of Avon products & also work for them so because of this, I get to look through the book on a regular basis & also try out a lot of their products.. especially the eyeliner.
I use this eyeliner everyday.. I would say I've probably used this for at least the last 3 years & haven't swapped to another brand/type once. Before I found this eyeliner, I tried many other ones, mostly just drugstore pencil ones, ranging between £2-5. I could never really "get along with" pencil eyeliners... I find them too hard on my eyes & often when I tried to press more to produce a fuller coverage it would hurt them, that's why I decided to try a softer, kohl type product.
This eyeliner is amazing in my opinion, It's soft and easy to apply, great coverage and stays on all day.. maybe reapplying once in the corners of the eye.
The retractable pencil means there's no need to sharpen & it's also waterproof!
I' d highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking to try a new eyeliner out.
You can purchase it on the Avon website or from an Avon rep if you have one.. The normal price is £6 however, they are usually on sale in most brochures, so right now they are £2.49.

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