Thursday, 26 September 2013

His & Her Asos Haul

So I was having a bit of a block today thinking of a post to do, I was originally going to do an Autumn wishlist however, my asos order was delivered and saved the day haha!
I say Asos... but it's all from Primark just from the Asos website!
I brought two things for me & two for my boyfriend.. I'm nice like that!
So I'll show the two items I got for myself first because that will be more exciting for you I guess!

So first up is my favourite of the two, I know its getting to the colder months now but I seem to wear shorts all year round.. these were £5.00 originally £10 in Primark, they are a lovely washed out blue colour, high waisted pair of shorts. I really liked the look of these on the website & I'm really pleased that they look just as nice in person! I've never brought shorts from Primark so hopefully they last a while. They also came with a little belt, but I doubt I'll wear that.. I'll see how it looks!

Next up I brought this crop top (Bit of a blue theme) it was only £3.50 (Would of been £5.00 in Primark) I'll probably just pair this with leggings for around the house and maybe layer it up with a vest top underneath and a jacket over the top if I choose to wear it out!
So onto the boyfriends things...
We find Beavis & Butthead hilarious, so I saw this top for £4.00 (Originally £6 in store) and had to pick it up, even if he doesn't want it or doesn't like it for whatever reason, I'll just end up wearing it as a bed shirt or something haha!

And finally, I brought this Blue jacket for him, which was £7.00 (Originally £11 in store) It looks slightly different in person than it did on the website so if he doesn't like it I'll have to send this one back but hopefully it will look better on!

& Also, adding to this haul, whilst I remember.. My dad brought me back a hoodie from America from Urban Outfitters and I love it, It's super soft & I love the colour! Thinking about it now though, I'm gutted I didn't ask him to pick up some make up products for me! ha.

Sooo there we go, only a little haul for you today, but I thought I'd make it a bit bigger by showing what I brought my boyfriend aswell! Oo and also they have super fast delivery, ordered this 23rd, got dispatched the next day & got here on the 26th so I think that's really good! I love that they give you the hangers too.. is that weird?!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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