Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Favourites!

Sorry I haven't had a post up in over a week! My jobs just messed up my routine (I said that in my last post I think!) But I've got used to it now & know when I can make time for my blog and other things so yay for getting back on track haha!
Soo.. another month's been and gone, It's been quite a good month actually but I am starting to look forward to Christmas now so hopefully November will fly by too!
Here are my few favourites from October...
1. MUA Shade 14 'Bare'
I've been loving this colour this month, it's a lovely nude shade so a really nice everyday wearable colour. I usually apply this on top of my lip balm as I find it goes on a lot creamier and has a nicer outcome. This has definitely been my go to lipstick for the past month. (It' only £1!)
2. Nivea Essential care Lip Balm
I use this every morning and night & inbetween! There's not much to say about this product really, It does the job and keeps my lips well moisturised which is great especially during the colder months! It's about half used now, then I have quite a few other types to try out before purchasing another one!
3. L'occitaine hand cream in 'Rose Tendresse I actually got this hand cream free in an ELLE magazine, there was about 4 colours to pick from but out of the two that were available in my shop, I went for this one. As my new job is working in a warehouse, it means using my hands a lot which isn't good as they always end up cut or dry so this is great to use throughout the day to help keep my hands soft and moisturised. It's got a lovely scent to it & doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy like some hand creams might.
4. Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' This has to be my all time favourite perfume & my boyfriend always says it reminds him of the first day we met (n'aww haha!) I love it, I recently ran out of my Vivienne Westwood 'Naughty Alice' so have been using this quite a lot lately. If you haven't smelt it you definitely should go and have a quick whiff next time your in a perfume shop!
5. Avon's glimmerstick eyeliner in 'Blackest Black'
I've used this eyeliner pretty much everyday for the past god knows how many years! It's a really great, reliable product which I always end up going back to! I had been doing my top lid using a felt liner but changed back to this in the past few weeks. It stays on all day, doesn't smudge and leaves you with a really precise eye look. It's also a wind up soft kohl pencil, I really don't like pencil liners as I find that there really rough on my eye so love the softer type of ones! Also no need to sharpen!
Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll definitely be posting more now I've got my routine sorted out & I've settled into my new job. I have loads of post ideas so looking forward to getting back into my hobby!



  1. I love Bare by MUA. Its my favourite nude shade. Love the Glimmersticks aswel!

    Cint @ Makeup and Messes X

    1. Yeah, mine too! It's such a lovely colour :) Definitely want to try out some more shades xx

  2. I am currently looking for a new perfume so will definitely try The One.
    Adela x

    1. It's a really lovely perfume, hope you like it!