Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fudge Urban Hair Chalk; Pink

I'm probably a bit late on the bandwagon with this post! For ages now I've wanted to try out hair chalk & test if it really works on dark hair as it says it does. I was going to wait until my next payday & order a variety pack of Ebay however, when I was in Superdrug I came across this one by Fudge Urban colour which my boyfriend kindly offered to buy me, they only had pink & white in the store so I obviously picked the pink! They do also have other colours though including; Blue, Purple, (Would of been my choice if it was in stock!) & Red.
Fudge Urban Hair Chalk; £5.99
I must admit, when I first opened the packaging, it was a lot smaller than I thought but it does seem to go a long way. I still had a fair bit left over at the end of it.
I do really like the design though, you now us girls, anything small is cute to us! It's small size does come in handy though as you can use one hand to hold your hair & the other to hold the product & easily apply. Like any hair product, a lot of it does end up on your hands so I'd recommend using an old towel & top if you don't want to get moaned at! Although, it washed of easily enough from my hands so I'm sure it will do the same to clothing/towels.
(Excuse the face)
The end result didn't leave me feeling overly  impressed, I mean I wasn't expecting it to come out a really vibrant pink as I have pretty dark hair, but I thought it might of showed up more on the ends of my hair as I put most of the product there however, the majority of it showed up clearer in my fringe. It did leave my hair feeling pretty dry & adding hairspray to set the colour in didn't really help. But I wouldn't rule them out, I'm going to order some of Ebay so I have a variety of different colours & test each one as I think other colours such as, blue or red might show up better in darker hair. If your blonde or a lighter shade of brown I'd definitely recommend giving them a go though. I could still see some of it in my hair the next morning, so it does work and the colour is quite long lasting.. try not to touch your hair too much after you've put it in though as it will rub some of the colour out (Maybe that's were I went wrong, as I'm always touching my fringe! haha)
Hope this post was helpful in some way! Let me know if you've ever tried hair chalk & what your thoughts on the product are.


  1. I've never tried hair chalk before I kind of have nightmares about it not coming out ha! This does look cool on the top of your hair but I agree with you that I would have expected it to come out a little brighter! Your hair still looks really good though!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  2. I kind of like the fact the chalk doesn't give you bright coloured hair, but I prefer subtle x

  3. Hey Caroline!
    Great post! I've been seriously curious about hair chalk for a while so this was really helpful. Thanks for giving some insight into the product!
    I also wanted to stop by and thank you so much for following our blog Pretty Lovely Girls on bloglovin. We really appreciate the support! So thank you. Also I really love your header, looks great! Hope you're having a good week my dear!
    xo T

  4. I would love to use hair chalk, and have been wanting to see how pink came out on dark hair for a while now. Thanks for the helpful review. I do think that as my hair is darker than yours, it probably wouldn't show very well. x

  5. I've always wanted to try hair chalks, I've heard L'Oreals are good but I'm not sure if they've even been released yet? I'm a bit behind on the beauty front, so I don't know!