Tuesday, 21 October 2014

August & September Glossybox!

I'm back & back for good so your stuck with me this time! Haha
I had issues with memory on my phone, no cable for my slr camera so couldn't get the photos on but anyhoo enough excuses!
I thought id do a quick post showing what I got in the last two glossybox's before October's box arrives!
First up is the August one...
Let me know if you like the skull or you think its a bit creepy? ha 
First up is a highlighter by Kryolan for glossybox. I know they've put a couple of their other products in a few previous boxes but I've yet to try one & this looks as though it's another brand just using the glossybox logo? This is a highlighter in the colour Cashmere, I'm pretty new to the highlighting world so I'm looking forward to trying this one and comparing it to others I have.
- Figs & Rouge hand cream.
I always love getting hand creams, I work in a warehouse for my job at the moment, so my hands always need some tlc! The packaging of this does remind me a lot of the l'occitane ones which isn't a bad thing as I love those ones to! The scent of this is Mango and it smells lovelyy, definitely one for the handbag!
- Yves Rocher Nail Varnish
This is a mini size which doesn't really bother me with nail varnish's because I don't think I've ever used one up before it going gloopy! I'm not a big lover of the colour purely because I don't really wear any pink but I'll definitely be testing out the coverage and how long it lasts so I know whether or not to purchase one in a different colour! The full size of this would be £3.60
- Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
This is a pre shampoo treatment which would normally be £38 for the full size product.
I've seen quite a few people talk about this including Fleur on one of her recent vlogs, I've heard good things about it and never really use many hair treatments (should I be admitting that?) so I'll definitely be doing a review on this once I've used it a few times.
- Lalique perfume sample
I have so many of these samples building up now, Ill get through them one day! But I do love having a variety of different ones to choose from and try out, It's a great way of finding new perfumes.
- Essence Mascara
I've been wanting to try something from Essence ever since it came over to the UK. I'm definitely going to buy a few more things from Essence and do a whole blog post dedicated to the brand, to try a few things out rather than just one! Plus I have sooo many mascaras right now.
September Box... 
First of all I had to take a picture of the box! Look how lovely it is! I love it, its currently sitting on top of my makeup storage as I just love the way it looks, the colour and the way it's designed! Definitely the best box design I've ever seen glossybox do! 
- ModelCo more brows fibre gel.
I've never tried a product like this for my brows, I'm currently using Elf's eyebrow palette which is really good but I'll definitely change it up once in a while and try out something new. The colour is a perfect match for me and this full size would be £14.95
- L'Oreal Professionnel
Full size would be £15.95 which is pretty pricey I think but if it does a good job and lasts a long time then it would definitely be worth it. Again, like the last box, I don't use to many hair products other than just my normal shampoo and conditioner so this will be a great place for me to start!
- SkinPep Enzyme and Acid Peel
The name of this product kind of freaks me out a little.. putting acid on my face? haha 
There only 3 samples but I honestly don't know if I'll get round to using these.. The full size are pretty expensive too, ranging from £50-£90 so even if I ended up loving these, it wouldn't be likely that I'd repurchase!
- Nails Inc Matte Top Coat
This was probably my favourite product I received in this box, I love matte looking nails and having a top coat purely for that is great.. I can have any colour I want! Nails Inc is always a great choice too so hopefully this will help make my nail varnish last longer before chipping!
- Nivea Micellar Water
Just in time as I'm nearly out of my L'Oreal one! I think most brands are jumping on the bandwagon of the micellar water nowadays, so now it's just a game of trying to find the best one! I'm looking forward to trying this one out, I use a lot of Nivea products and love them all so this may end up being a frequent product in my face routine. This is £4.07 in shops so a great price!
Anyone still here? That seemed like a really long post but I thought I'd put these two together as they were both pretty good boxes and I was really please with them!
What beauty boxes are you trying?


  1. I've just wrote about Octobers box! It was my first and i loved it :)
    Great post xx
    Love VictoriaJanex

  2. Octobers box looks gorgeous! I really want to try a Glossybox xxx

    Ami | perksofbeingami

  3. Ahhh, obsessed with matte nail topcoats!!! <3

    Brooklynn | That Brooklynn Paige