Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December Glossybox!

I know it's a bit late to be doing this post considering we're into a new year now! But I had the pictures & I thought it was a pretty decent box, so why not..
First of all I really liked the box/tissue paper this month, nice festive change & looked really cute.
 First in the box, was this perfume sample by Lipsy called 'Glam.' Looking at other people's posts, I don't think I've actually seen anyone else that got this. For me personally, I really like receiving perfume samples in my box, I know some people see it as a bit of a an 'off' product to put in there because sometimes you can get them free from shops but I think it's a really good way of testing out perfumes that you wouldn't necessarily look at trying. I haven't tried a perfume from Lipsy, so looking forward to testing this out to see what I think! For 50ml it would be £25 (Not bad!)
 Next up is a nail varish, another thing I really like getting the box! There's been a few of them recently but I'm not complaining! This one is by the brand 'Seche' and is in the colour 'SnapDragon.' I especially liked getting this in the box because of the colour, I'm not really the typical girly girl so I don't actually own any type of pink nail varnish which is why I'm looking forward to wearing this.. It's originally £9.95 which I don't think I'd pay but I'm expecting good things because of that price!
 I love receiving any type of lip product in Glossybox especially when it's a really good wearable colour like this one! This is by the brand 'Beautiful Movements' which I've never heard of! This is a sample/ mini size & the original size would be £12. It's a lovely nude colour so would look great on it's own or paired on top of a natural looking lipstick. (Sorry for the bad swatch!)
 This product was possibly my favourite in the box this month! It's the Maybelline colour tattoo eye shadow, which I think we're all familiar with now! I only own one of these so was glad to see it wasn't the same colour. Some people might of complained or not liked this colour I received but for me personally I really like it, it's not a colour I would pick out in the shop, but getting this in the box will be a good way to push my boundaries and make me experiment with make up slightly out of my comfort zone! This would originally be £4.99
Last up is this Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor. Some people may think this is a weird think to put in the box, especially the Christmas one! But I actually needed a new razor (tmi- It's like they read my mind!) I've tried a razor from this range before and really liked it, the soap around the razor helps to give a moisturizing result & it smells great! This would originally be £6.49 (You can also by refills for this, so that's always good!)
Hope you liked this post!
I'll be posting more regularly from now on, so looking forward to that!
Hope your all okay!


  1. I'd be pretty chuffed with a razor I think haha, always handy something else I don't need to buy!
    However I gave up on glossybox a while ago, don't know if I will return! xx

    1. That's true! haha
      & I've been since about August I think & I've been really pleased with every box I've received.. should definitely sign back up! haha :) x

  2. I've never subscribed to any sort of beauty box, never felt the need but there are a lot of brands in here i've never tried that seem interesting, I've also been meaning to try out those maybelline 24/7 tattoo colors for ages. Seems like you've made a decent saving with this one imo :)

    1. Glossybox is the only one I've ever signed up to, It's been really good so far & a great way to try out new products & also new brands :)
      Yeah, this box was pretty good! You should definitely try them out, their worth it!

  3. Looks like some really great bits in Decembers box :) lovely post as always x

  4. There are always lovely things in the beauty boxes I definitely need to get myself signed up for one

    1. Yeah, it's a great way to try out new brands/products! :) xx