Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lush; Bombardino

For Christmas my boyfriend got me not just one but two of Lush's big boxes filled with bath bomb's so I thought it would be a great little thing for my blog as I can give a review on most if not all of them! Some may be less popular than others so hopefully reviews will help!
(The two boxes are the 'Christmas Bathtime Favourites' and the 'Happy Barthday')
 First of all, look how cute it is! I'd seen this in store & really wanted to try it out (Don't know what stopped me from buying it!) I was glad when I saw it in one of the boxes! This one is called 'Bombardino' which me being my weird self, is a word that is quite fun to say out loud (um?) It's a really good size for one use whereas some of the other bath bombs can be massive (have you tried cutting one!? It's not easy!) Although, because I love big baths I tend to chuck the whole thing in! This one was just the right amount which was really good, it smells lovely, like lemons & as soon as it hits the bath it froths out leaving it looking like your about to get in a bowl of lemon meringue!
The citrus smell stays for ages, even leaving the bathroom smelling gorgeous once you've left! Another bonus of using Lush products. 
This products contains ingredients such as cocoa butter, bergamot oil, Sicilian Lemon and the eyes which are made from dairy free chocolate drops!
They say; "A softening lemon cheesecake scented bomb, for pure Alpine indulgence. With skin-softening cocoa butter and uplifting Sicilian lemon oil."I don't know what it was from the product, maybe the Sicilian oil or more likely the cocoa butter, but once I was out of the bath it gave an odd kind of texture to my skin almost like a soft layer which I wasn't that fond of however, afterwards it did leave it feeling moisturised and soft.. so I'll put the texture down to that because overall I really like this bath bomb but sadly it's now unavailable so fingers crossed it's back out next year!
Have you tried this one out? What were your thoughts?
Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. I don't have a bath in my house so I never get to try out the gorgeous lush bath bombs :(
    This wee guy looks so cute though!

    Alana | Alana Gets Healthy

  2. Ahaha that's so cute!! Plus it sounds & looks just delightful X) thanks for the review! I haven't been to LUSH in a long time so I'm not too familiar w their products!

    1. I know, it's so cute!
      I'm pretty obsessed with Lush lately haha so they'll definitely be more reviews :)