Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Glossybox; January 2014

I received my Glossybox pretty late this month but thought I'd put this post up to show you what I got inside!
First of all this month was the month of a new looking box, the design is really nice actually, the box is glossy rather than matte which goes well considering. The actual lid of the box is a lot bigger & is actually a little bit harder to get off (Let's be honest though, that's probably just me being my silly self!) & finally the ribbon inside now has Glossybox written on it. I think all together this looks really nice & professional however, there are little things about it which I think are a bit negative such as, you can't reuse the ribbon & a lot of people use these as storage in drawers & I don't think they will fit anymore.. well for me, they don't fit side to side in my drawer anymore, but I'm sure I'll get over it! Haha.

First up are a pair of tweezers from the Vintage Cosmetic Company, this is the one thing I knew I'd be getting in the box because of the email! I'm pretty happy with these, they have a cute and unique design & hopefully they do the job! I don't know why they didn't come in a box though, but I'm just nit picking!

Glossybox love the Anatomicals products don't they?! I personally, don't suffer from bags under my eyes so I don't really know if I'll get any use out of these.. I'm sure I'll try them out one day when I feel my skin needs an extra little lift!
 Yu-Be moisturising skin Cream, I'm glad we received two of these and not just the one, that would of been a bit stingy! I'm looking forward to trying this out though as I don't usually change up my daily moisturiser so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference using a different one! However, I think this is only available online at One Stop Beauty so hopefully I don't end up loving it if I cant get my hands on it easily!
 I haven't seen anyone else get this product in their box, I think other people may of received a Vaseline lotion instead? I've never used a BB cream or a CC cream! I'm hoping this colour matches my skin tone, if it does I'll definitely let you guys know what I think of it!
Last up, is this super toning body wash from 'Balance me.' To me, the scent of this actually reminds me of shampoo rather than body wash! However, I've recently developed a bit of an obsession with bath products so I'm excited to try this out!

This is the first box I have received that I haven't been that impressed with. I've heard a lot of people say the same however, I do think most of their budget maybe went into the redesign of the box, so concentrating on that might of put less focus on the products inside? But who knows! Hopefully next month's box will be a bit better.


  1. love your blog! following you!


  2. It's nice that Glossy Box gave us two tubes of yube...one for each side of our faces! haha, I was pretty disappointed with this box also, but am hoping and praying next months makes up for it! x


    1. Haha true!
      Yeah, I'm hoping its a good one too, maybe valentine themed? :)

  3. I love beauty boxes :) But sad this one didnt make u happy..hope the next month's box does :) <3

    following ya hun....lovely blog :)

  4. I know very little about glossybox other than the general concept behind it. But I remember when people on my Twitter timeline were receiving theirs. There were a lot of comments about how unimpressed they were with it and some felt it was time they cancelled their subscription.

    Have to admit the box does look nice... but then again you don't just want to be paying for the box.

    p.s I need that thing for the bags under you eyes.