Thursday, 23 January 2014

Primark Spring/Summer Collection 2014; Best & Worse

I recently looked through the Primark Spring/Summer stock & thought it would be a good post to write up on some of the best and worse pieces. Obviously, this is only my opinion, some people might love the pieces I say I don't & others might hate the pieces I have picked out!
Let me know what you think and if you have any favourites...
The Best;
1. From the picture, this looks as if it would be fairly good material and quite lightweight. The design is really nice & I think this might be a big seller! (Although for shorties like me, it looks quite long! haha)
2. I think Primark has had some really good quality bags for affordable prices lately, my last bag was from Primark & it lasted me months, before the handles started to get a bit worn.. but for around £10 I definitely got my money's worth, so hopefully this bag will be the same!
3. Primark are getting skorts! Such a weird word haha, I really like the look of these and can't wait to try one out to see what I think. I know you can already find these in certain shops but these one's will probably be on the cheaper side so a good way to decide whether you like them or not! I've also seen this in black so hopefully there's a good range of colours!
 4. More for the taller people again! I'm only 5'1 & a half (Yes, that half is important!) so I find it hard to find maxi dresses or these style in a decent size that doesn't end up looking ridiculous on me, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I would definitely pick this up though if it was to fit me length wise, I think it's lovely for summer, looks like it would be a really light, flowing type of dress. Again, this will be out in a few different colours.
5. I'm not sure on the colour of this one, I'm hoping they'll have a more everyday colour such as, grey or black. However, I do really like the style, hopefully the material is quite fitting & the piece itself is well made.
6. Baseball Tees! I love the style of these top, in particular the black & grey sleeved ones so hopefully they'll have a variety of different colours to choose from! I recently got one from Asos which was only £10 so hopefully these will be a bit cheaper & are just a great little piece for a casual day or to lounge around in.
The Worst;

 1. I kind of have a love/hate kind of thing with this piece, looking at it here, it doesn't look much, looks fairly unflattering but looking at it again, I do think that this could be a piece that would look much better on than on the hanger.
2. Again, this could be a piece that would look better on, however the photo doesn't really do any justice as it makes it look like it wouldn't be very figure hugging and would just kind of hang. I personally think the colour choice and pattern could of been better but who knows, if there are other colours available it may look completely different!
3. I think this looks like a dupe for the River Island purse that was recently in the sale & also featured in a few YouTube videos that I watched. I just think this one looks really cheap though, the material looks quite flimsy, so if you like this sort of duo chrome look, I'd definitely look for something slightly more expensive.
4. What even is this?! I just feel this would look really unflattering mainly because of the style and pattern.
5. Some people may like these, but I'm not the type of person that would be able to pull of a pair of statement trousers. I would never attempt to anyway as I'm not personally a big fan of them & they wouldn't be something that would instantly grab my attention if I was in the shop.
6. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of this, being pop art based because I have a big interest in art/graphics etc. However, I just think this looks a bit on the cheap side. Although, I do think it would be quite cute for smaller kids.

Hope you enjoyed this post & let me know your thoughts!



  1. Hahaha number 4. - 'What even is this?!' good question! What a strange dress! (Imagine if by the end of summer 14, we're all wearing them) xx
    The perks of being a hipster - Victoria’s Secrets Giveaway!

    1. Haha! I don't know who would wear that.. looks crazy!
      Thanks for commenting :) xx

  2. Yeah...Primark is def one of those hit and miss stores....sometimes I think it's how you style your clothes as well...but sometimes...there is just no hope!!

    1. Yeah true, they can look totally different on!

  3. Gosh No.4 is a little bit erm... sheet like x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. Love that cut on the skirt! Think I'll have to get myself one of those!

    Shelley x

    1. Me too! I actually think there in stores now.. so hopefully we can both pick one up soon!
      I'm hoping they have the black in stock! haha :)

  5. I love love love the pink biker (mainly for the unusual colour!) and baseball tee, just my style :)


  6. Wow Primark is so good at the moment ... I may have to get the mac!

  7. I love that coat! Everything on your best list is spot on my style :) that blue checkered monstrosity on the worst list what were they thinking! Lol please will you check out my blog :) fairly new to blogging. love reading others blogs :) I'm now following you :)
    Have a nice day
    Sophie at

  8. I love Primark! And I do like the color of nr. 5 but I agree with you about the everyday colors