Monday, 20 January 2014

Valentine's Day Make up look; Evening.

So something a bit different from me today, a make up look! I think I've only done one of these before but I really want to start doing them more frequently so hopefully people will like them!
This is going to be a look I created using only my Elf palette, for Valentine's day.
(Wasn't having the best skin day, so excuse that!)
I did also have a 'Day Look' But the pictures & the results wasn't too good, I actually prefer this look myself anyway & is something that I would wear!
 So first, I covered my whole lid with number 1, then took number 2 & put that on the outer corner, blending inwards about 3/4 up my eyelid. Then I took number 3 and went over that to give it a bit more definition and colour. Finally, I went in with 4, just a normal black colour to give it more of a smoky eye, evening look!
I went in with my Be a Bombshell eyeliner (Which is amazing! If anyone knows where they sell that in the UK please let me know!) I went with a slight wing as I thought that complimented the whole look & always looks nice for more of an evening look.
I then put on some false eyelashes, I used the 'Naturals' from Elf and also put on my Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Pink Chic' Which is a lovely pale pink, that isn't too dramatic as I wanted the main focus to be on the eyes!
Along with that, I just put on foundation, concealer etc.. how I normally would on a day to day basis.
 What I used;
(Avon - Blusher Brush, Avon - Face Brush, Elf - Bronzer Brush, Barry M - Eyeshadow Brush & Avon's Eye definer & Smudger Brush.)
Although I say this is a Valentine look, I do think it could be worn on many different occasions as it's a different take on a smoky eye.
I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think! & if you have any make up looks up on your blog link them below!



  1. Looks really pretty :)

  2. Such a gorgeous look, really pretty!! x

  3. I'm really into trying more make-up looks, especially when it comes to my eye shadow...this is a look I really want to try now, great post such a stunning look :)

    -Sarah xo