Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What i got for christmas 2014!

I love reading and looking through these type of posts, so I thought I'd put my own one up like I did last year.
I'll start with what my boyfriend got me! The two tops at the back are actually men's from primark but I love tops like these either to lounge around in or to sleep in, their in the smallest size so they should be fine.. plus the simpsons and johnny bravo are like my childhood!
He knows I love lush or any type of body stuff especially for my blog, so he got me 2 lush sets and a soap and glory set. Getting lush gifts from him has kind of became a tradition haha, I love it, and I've actually only tried one product out of both of the boxes so can't wait to try the others out. He also got me a couple of dvd's; Dumb & dumber, which I'd never seen at the time but we watched it on boxing day and now going to see the second one in the cinema soon! I loved 21 jump street and the second was just the same, love it! Finally he got me Britney Spears perfume 'Curious' I've always loved this from quite a young age, so was happy to get this as I haven't used it in a while!
  My dad and his partner got me some lovely things too, a couple of candles which I always love.. the jelly bean one is in the scent 'Very Cherry' and it smells amazing! They also got me a couple of little gift sets, lip balm.. body sprays which are perfect size for my handbag! The rabbit mug is kind of a little on going joke with my dad ever since we saw 'the book of bunny suicide' in a shop one day. He also paid for my theory test which was nice of him and of course some sweets!
A few bits and bobs from a variety of people here, another lush set from my friend at work (everyone knows I'm a lush lover!) This ones great as it has 4 Christmas products in and I've only tried the 'Butterbear.' My other work colleague got me a little lindt bear and the nspa body soufflĂ©'s/butters.. they all smell amazing and I cant wait to try them out! My granny got me the slippers which are so soft, unfortunely they are one size too small so ill have to go in and change them soon, she also got me some cute little gloves.
My aunt got me some tights and a little box with a few beauty products in which I loved as she picked them out herself and put them together! And last up is a soap and glory box from my boyfriends sister which has four little mini's in and a body puff.
My brother and his wife put together a little basket that was meant to be like a girls night in, I haven't put everything in the photo, because I forgot to photograph this until the last minute so I've put some things away, there was always a mug with some hot chocolate etc as well as some fluffy socks and lipgloss.
 My mum definitely spoilt me this year! The real technique brushes are the only present I knew I was getting this year as I pointed them out to my mum in a shop one day and she brought them then and there! I've been needing a new hair dryer for a while now, my mum must of got sick of me using hers all the time ha, she actually got this of off her friend who's a hairdresser so I don't think you can buy this in shops, only salons. It has an extra long lead which is good because the one I use at the moment never reaches into the bathroom, plus it's purple.. always a bonus!
Also got a couple of basic tops, fluffy socks and a fluffy head/ hat? I'm not actually sure what these are called but their super cute and warm.
The Dolce and Gabbana mini perfume set is probably one of my favourite gifts this year, 'the one' is one of my favourite perfumes and I cant wait to give the others a go.. their so small & cute!
 My mum also got me a couple of pyjama sets and a fluffy batman jumper! I'm not sure if ill actually wear this out or just use it to lounge around the house in but I love it either way! Anything batman is good to me! I think a lot of people got this soap and glory set this year and I'm glad I was one of them! I've only actually ever tried the hand cream from soap and glory so I cant wait to get started on all of these! They all smell amazing! I think I have enough lush and soap & glory to last me a lifetime now! (Although I may of brought some more lush goodies in the boxing day sales, but that's another blog post! haha) Last up, is this massive hedgehog toy, I had to include it.. it's so big I had to put it in its own photo! It's so sweet, you might of seen a little running trend of squirrels and hedgehogs throughout this post.. me and my mum just seem to of drawn a likeness to them for some strange reason! But ya know, woodland creatures are meant to be 'in' right now, right? So at least were on trend!
So there's everything I got this year and I'm really thankful for everything! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a really lovely new year too!
If you've put one of these posts up, definitely leave your link below as I love reading them!
Hope your all okay,


  1. I love the Soap & Glory and Lush bits :)

  2. Wow you got some gorgeous presents!! That perfume mini set looks incredible, I was eyeing it up in the boots sale. I’ve done a similar post if you would like to check it out! Sending best wishes for the New Year! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. All your gifts look amazing. What a lucky girl you are. Love the little box your Mum put together x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  4. What lovely presents! :)
    I love all the presents that your loved ones put together for you! What a great idea!
    Those Lush sets looks amazing too!!
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    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday