Monday, 29 December 2014

Serpentine Beauty!

Over the past week or so I have been trying out five lip glosses* from the new, up and coming brand, Serpentine Beauty. I love discovering new brands especially when I feel like they really do work and I can share that with you guys.  
Serpentine Beauty is a Canadian beauty brand, who are 100% cruelty free and non comedogenic. They contain antioxidants, vitamins and anti-aging properties.  
 I was sent a selection of pink and nude shades as they are the colours I tend to go for. The idea of the lip glazes is to layer them on top of other lipsticks or mix shades together to create your own unique colour, without changing the texture or performance. They're very bold and highly pigmented colours already so they could easily be worn just on their own or like they say, layered with another gloss or lipstick. Their super easy to apply as they have a soft angled wand which ensures they glide on easily to the shape of your lips, I personally prefer this type of application so that was a bonus for me!
First up is 'Afterglow', this is a very unique shade and definitely something different for me, I think this would look gorgeous with a tan or on darker skin tones. This photo alone shows how pigmented they can be.
Next up is 'Fussy Princess.' This shade was definitely my favourite out of the five and is always a colour that I'm drawn too. It's an amazing baby pink colour, which looks gorgeous mixed with the shade 'Kayla.' This one in particular smells amazing, normally I don't like fragranced products but this smell is something you cant hate and it isn't over powering at all. 
'Kayla' is a lovely peachy/pink colour which is great for every day use. This looks great layered on top of a nude lipstick or just as great on it's own!
'Naked Angel' is a lovely peachy nude shade, another really wearable shade. The swatch can look quite daunting especially seeing as I'm so pale, making the colour stand out more! However, they do advise that you don't put on too much at once as this can result in a messy look beyond the lip line. So they are very versatile with the way they work, adapting to the way you want to use them by either putting one sheer layer on or choosing to build it up into a more pigmented colour like the swatch shown.
Last up is the shade 'Vivacious.' I also loved this shade, I do think this shade is quite similar to 'Naked Angel' but with slightly more shimmer, which I sometimes quite like in a lipgloss especially during the summer months.
 Overall, I do really love these products and would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to try out a new brand or a new gloss! Definitely one for lip products lovers! Their a really creamy, soft gloss and not sticky at all unlike some higher end lip glosses I've tried! They are really buildable and long lasting colours that are made to suit all skin tones and suitable for all ages.
They really do feel like high quality, professional products and are fast becoming one of my favourites. Definitely a brand to keep an eye on, you won't be disappointed!
Have any of you tried a lip product from Serpentine Beauty?
What's your favourite out of the five?
Also, make sure to check them out on instagram! @serpentinebeauty


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    1. They do so many lovely colours, would definitely recommend checking them out!