Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What's in my bag?

(Primark - £10)
 I thought this would be a fun little post to do, so here we goooo (:
My bags pretty basic, I usually switch between this one & my DKNY one but for every day I prefer to use this one as I don't want to overuse my other bag & ruin it!
So this is the current bag i'm using and it was £10 from Primark.. only brought this a couple of weeks ago so should still be in stores.
It also comes with a longer strap so you can wear it on your shoulder but I prefer it without so took it off.
 Clockwise from the top...
  • My Radley's purse which was a Christmas present about 2 years ago now probably
  • Sunglasses, it's actually hot in England at the moment, without jinxing it we're actually getting a summer! haha
  • My glasses, the brand is 'red or dead' I managed to get these for £10 when I was still a student so that was lucky I guess!
  • Mirror
  • Hilary Duff 'With love' perfume - rollerball.
    People may think that because its a perfume by Hilary duff that it would be quite 'kiddy' but its the total opposite in my opinion, I'm not the best at describing smells but I'd say its definitely a grown up & sophisticated kind of smell. Also I really like the packaging.
(A little image just to show what the rollerball perfume actually looks, come in this really high end looking slip which holds the perfume. Simple but really professional looking, I think.)
  • Another purse, more for just spare change.
  • A little mini hand sanitizer - From marks & spencer's; wouldn't normally shop there but I really love the smell.. it's called 'Sweet Bloom'
  • Ipod touch.. always carry this even if I don't listen to it!
  • My phone, a bit behind with the times still having an LG cookie but ah well! I'll get the iphone eventually haha
  • 'Exaggerate eye definer' Rimmel eyeliner in black, a smudger applicator is on the other end, great for creating a smoky eye look.
  • Lipgloss in 'angel' from Avon
So that's my 'What's in my bag'.. sorry it's not too exciting!
Hope you found it interesting!

- Caroline

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