Sunday, 25 August 2013

Avon; Mega Effects Mascara - Review.

   Today I'm going to be doing a review of Avon's newest mascara which is the Mega effects Mascara. I haven't seen anyone do this yet, so thought it would be a good thing to do :)
As I work for Avon I can get a lot of products to try out before they go in the book, this way I can give customers an opinion, if they ask & also see if I like it myself. This particular product will launch in brochure 15, so not too long. It will be in the book for £10 & you can also get a free eye pack containing, an eyeshadow primer, a concealer, an eyeshadow brush with smudger and also a conditioning eye make up remover lotion. All of this together would usually be worth £23 based on normal brochure prices so it's definitely worth a try just to get them 4 products for free! (One of the reasons I brought it!)
It comes in 3 colours; Blackest Black, Brown/black and Navy. I went with Blackest Black as I always go for the darkest colour!
I do like the outer packaging, I think it looks quite eye catching because of the colours. However, It does look a lot smaller in real life than it comes across in any pictures. It's 9ml though so similar to the mascara I'm currently using which is 12ml, although you are getting more product in the one I'm currently using for a cheaper price.

Application: Grip it - Grip at sides and remove cap. Rock it - Rock brush from side to side to pull out and bend to desired angle. Brush it - Comb through from root to tip. Lock it - Insert applicator until it lock in place.
The brush can look a bit intimidating at first, it's meant to fit your natural lash shape from corner to corner and also says that the brush bends for easy application. I wouldn't necessarily disagree with those statements but I wouldn't agree either! The brush is a lot smaller than it looks & definitely doesn't fit corner to corner of my eyes, however, the bending applicator that the brush has does come in quite handy. I don't think it applies very evenly and sometimes with new mascara's the product is 'wetter' & I think can sometimes make your lashes look too thin so usually with a regular wand I would move the wand from side to side to separate & give a more of a  natural even, lash look, but that's very difficult to do with this brush. This type of brush is excellent for doing your bottom lashes though!
  Overall, I wasn't very happy with the products end result & actually ended up going over it with a different mascara to add more length and structure to my lashes.
Avon quote it as being the first ever Wonderbrush... I don't think I've seen a product out in the UK that's anything like this at the moment so Avon's done good there, getting first dibs haha! I also think £10 is a lot. Obviously it's a new type of mascara, people will want to try it out mainly because they haven't seen anything like this before, so it definitely is and will be an intriguing product to people and they will be willing to pay the price which is why I think Avon have put it at this price. 

- Great for applying to the bottom lashes.
- Nice packaging.
- Good colour.

- Quite fiddly and time consuming when applying.
- Doesn't add much volume or boldness to the lashes.
- Expensive.

 First Coat of top & bottom lashes; really not much of a difference, considering I had curled my lashes before aswell.
 I decided to compare it so you guys could see the difference a bit more. On the left is benefit's 'They're real' This is just with 1 maybe 2 coats & on the right is the Avon's Mega effect, this is with about 2/3 coats plus another mascara on top of that to try and create a bit more volume. I definitely think from looking at these pictures that the left picture looks a lot more tidy & natural looking than the right. Although saying that, maybe I should of compared it to a high street brand however, I used the mini version of 'They're real' which is usually £9.50 for 6ml whereas this product is £10 for 9ml.

It will be interesting to see if any other brands are intending on launching a similar mascara, what price they'd be selling them for & if they would have a better end result. I will be trying this product out again though, so you never know I may end up liking it in the future but for now I'll definitely be sticking with the regular type of mascara's!
I hope you enjoyed this review & that it was written ok. I don't think I'm the best person to write reviews but hopefully this helped people out! I really hope it didn't seem like I was just slating the Avon product as I was just trying to give an honest opinion.
But just because I don't particularly  like it, doesn't mean everyone else won't aswell, so try it out if you can, I'd love to know other peoples thoughts!

P.S. Forgot to mention, It's also not waterproof.


  1. Wow this looks scary, but amazing!

    Jamie ♥

  2. I've heard so much about this- weird shape, huh? Don't know if I'll make the splurge on it now! Thanks for the honest review!

    Jess /

  3. I found it quite fiddly but definitely be giving it another go in a couple of weeks once its slightly drier if you know what I mean :) Hopefully I'll like it a bit more the 2nd time round!
    Thanks for commenting :) xx

  4. wow such an original mascara


    1. Yeah, it really is! Be interesting to see if anything similar to it comes out soon :) xx

  5. It looks so scary lol!

    Nice blog xxx