Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nail Varnish Collection!

I thought I'd put up my nail varnish collection today, as I always really like seeing these kind of posts, so hopefully you'll enjoy this too!
So this is where I store my makeup currently, I'm still working on it though so don't be too harsh! Plus I took my mirror down to take this photo because I didn't want a massive flash or reflection in the way of the photo haha!
I also use the 3 drawers (possibly the 4th soon) down the left hand side of my dressing table to store more beauty products in.

So first up I have all my Avon nail varnish. Because I work for them you would of thought I'd have more but I find with these that they don't stay on your nails for that long before they start to chip however, they do, do some really gorgeous colours. In particular 'Forget me not blue' I think it's such a pretty colour & suitable for all year round. I still wear these, just team it with a decent top coat & they should be fine!
 Next up is Barry M, I surprised myself while taking these photographs as I thought I had a lot more from Barry M! Obviously not, but my collection will be growing pretty soon as I really want to try 'Blue grape' and there confetti range. I love the range of colours I have from here though. My favourite is the Gelly hi Shine in 'Prickly Pear' It's so long lasting & you can sometimes get away with only putting on one coat if your in a rush! It will look just as good. I also love anything purple so that's another bonus.
 Ciate - I actually didn't directly pay for any of these! The two mini's came free in an issue of Marie Claire & the full size version came in July's Glossybox. However, I have been wanting to try these for a long time & was really pleased to see a bright summery colour in my Glossybox, full size too!
I'm still yet to try the pearls, they look really interesting from pictures I've seen but I'm waiting for a special occasion so I can show them off a bit more!
 Next up is Elf - I haven't had these colours too long & still have to try them out, but whilst I was putting in my last order for elf I saw these for £1 each so I took that as an opportunity to buy a few!
I love the colours, so hopefully they'll have good colour pay off. I've heard mixed reviews about these so I'll let you know what I think!
A bit of a mixture now! These are either really old nail varnishes that still work okay, or a colour that was brought for an occasion. For example, I brought the 'Sunset Orange' from George one year for Halloween as I wanted to do a themed nail design, so for a couple of nights I didn't think it was worth buying a more expensive one when I could get this for around £1
The newest one here is the MUA top coat, I brought this purely for that reason, as I didn't have a top coat. It's not terrible but the brush is quite small so isn't the easiest to apply, I do like the bottle though, reminds me of Essie's nail varnish's.
 Next we have some of my most recent buys.
The first 3 were brought from Fragrance Direct, I love that website & am so glad that I found it!
They sell OPI FOR £3.99 & Essie for £1.99... Bargain! I definitely took that opportunity to try them out as I don't think I would ever buy OPI at full price.
I also brought the Illamasqua one online, I was just browsing through websites one night, and saw that there was big reductions/sales on Illamasqua.. So I brought 2 things including this nail varnish, I had been eyeing it up for ages so as soon as it went down to £5.00 it was straight in my basket! They also had free delivery so even better!
 Model's Own - I love Model's own nail varnishes, they're probably my favourite brand along with Barry M purely because I think they both do such a good range of colours. I love the bottles from this range too, definitely need to get my hands on some of the specific collections soon like the new velvet (The bottles looks really nice!) & the Neon range, the colours look gorgeous!
 NYC - I remember buying the black and white one day because I saw a nail tutorial on Youtube of panda's so brought these & went home & tried it the next day! I loved that little design, might do it again soon haha!
The matte one is amazing, I've been wanting a matte nailvarnish for so long but couldn't find one in my local boots or superdrug apart from the Bourjois one but didn't want to pay out around £7 if I wasn't certain about the outcome. Then fragrance direct came along & saved the day! I found this one there for 99p so definitely worth it considering the outcome.
 Rimmel - The first three of these are all quite old actually.. look at the packaging on the black! The newest is the Rimmel lasting finish pro in 'Violet Metal' It's such a lovely colour, as you can see from the photo it's purple with blue undertones & a slight shimmer.. It looks so nice on the nails!
(Got a bit of a purple theme going on with these four!)
The last three I have are from Sinful Colours, these have only recently came over to the UK & I had heard quite a bit of hype about them so gave them ago. People probably aren't expecting much from them considering there only £1.99 but they would be wrong! They do a fantastic range of colours, the colour payoff is really good & they last on your nails for days! I still have to give 'Hottie' a go & I will definitely be purchasing a few more from this brand.

 So that's my nail varnish collection, I really hope you liked it! I seem to have a bit of an obsession with nail varnish lately so my collection will probably end up getting bigger & you'll probably end up seeing any new purchases in future hauls!

What's your favourite colours from my collection? Any brands or colours that you think I should check out or give a go, let me know!
Thanks for reading!



  1. I have a nail art blog! Loving your collection, my favourites are croc effect and mermaid tears! As for recommendations, I would recommend trying a colour MUA, I see the top coat, I got a few of theirs and I love them! I'd recommend OPI and Nail Inc but they are a bit pricey! Also have you tried nail fluff? MUA do one! xx

  2. I've wanted to try more nail products from MUA... the nail fluff's really intriguing so might give it a go & see how it looks!
    Thank you for commenting xx

  3. WOW that is a lot of nail varnishes! So jealous. Would love to try the Llamasqua one :)
    Lydia Rose

    1. Seem to be a bit obsessed with buying them lately, trying not to get similar colours just by different brands and I think I'm sticking to that haha.
      Yeah I love that one, such a nice colour :)
      Thanks for commenting & following!

  4. Wow, you really do like your nail varnish! I'm a wee bit jealous tbh! Note to self; must spend less money on shoes and more on fabulous nails! x x x

    1. Haha yeah I think I've got a bit of an obsession with them lately!
      & yeah, I should be the other way round too.. more on shoes, less on nails!
      Thanks for commenting xx

  5. Ciate nail varnishes are my fave! Really want to try the decoration polish! xoxo