Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Collective Beauty, Clothing & Jewellery Haul

This is a collective haul, showing a bit of everything!
 First up, is this top from Primark, as soon as I saw this hanging up I grabbed it, I love the colour and style of it. I also like how it's longer at the back so you can wear it with leggings too & at only £3.50 I couldn't leave it!
Next, is another top again, from Primark. This was £8 and is an oversized t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. I love this, just for a slouchy day inside or to layer up in the winter. (This is a size 6, to give you an idea of how oversized it is.. it looks really nice on though & not as big as it looks here!)
I don't normally find many tops I like in Primark, so to find two on the same day is pretty good for me!
I don't think this top will be everyone's cup of tea but for some reason it really caught my eye, It's from Motel Rocks & I found it in the sale so I'm not sure if they'll still have it in stock. They supply free delivery & I also found a 20% off code so in the end it was only £10. Plus the delivery was super quick! I think this is quite a unique piece and is different from anything else I own. It's oversized and has biggish arm holes however, I thought for the winter months it would be really nice to layer up.. I was actually thinking of doing a style type of post with this top so you may see that popping up soon!
Again probably not every one will like this, but when I saw it hanging up in the shop it just stood out to me, my wardrobe is quite dark so wanted something to brighten it up a bit! It was £7.99 from H&M so for that price for a dress, I thought why not! I think you could wear this all year round, would look really nice as a holiday outfit too! (Seem to be liking tiger related things lately haha)
 I also found this jumper in H&M which was £14.99, I wear this off the shoulder as it has quite a big neckline, with just a vest top underneath paired with leggings or shorts to create a slouchy type of style. I'm really into this type of style lately, anything with skulls, crosses or studs, I'm in!
I went into Superdrug next (as always) I seem to prefer Superdrug over Boots mainly because they seem to do the better offers... which one do you prefer?
I've been hearing so much about the L'Oreal micellar water on YouTube and on Blogs so decided to give it a go myself, I haven't tried it yet but I'm expecting great things from it!
I then brought 3 things from MUA..
I picked up 2 blushes for £1 each & a bronzer which was £2.50
Lastly from Superdrug I just picked up a Nivea lip butter in Raspberry Rose, it smells so nice! (the best out of the bunch I think!) & it leaves your lips feeling really moisturised.
Left to Right;
Candyfloss - the more pigmented of the two & also has a slight shimmer
Cupcake - A more subtle colour which has a matte finish
Love the names of them by the way!
 The mosaic bronzer in 'Natural Glow' (Shade 1) I thought this was the most 'bronzey colour' from the selection they had so thought I'd give it a go! It has good pigmentation & slight shimmer.
 Finally, I was on the look out for some statement looking necklaces as I don't really have any and want to start accessorizing more! From left to right;
- This was £5.99 from H&M and is just a plain gold chain, I've seen a lot of people wearing these lately & think they look really nice with jumpers or higher necked tops. I've already got a few ideas on what outfits I'm going to pair this with!
- The next one is from Accesorize and was £6 I believe. I've wanted a spiked necklace for a while now and thought this was subtle yet still quite eyecatching with certain outfits. This is probably my favourite out of the three.
- Lastly, is this one from BHS, I don't normally shop there but whilst my mum was at the checkout I saw it on the jewellery stand in the sale for only £3 so that was definitely the bargain out of the three!
That's everything! Hope you enjoyed my haul, if anyone would like to see posts on how I'd style some of these outfits let me know! :)
Sorry for another haul, I'll be adding a bit more of a variety soon! Still getting used to the blogging world!!



  1. haul posts are greattt! love seeing what everyone buys, especially the great bargains! love the necklace, they're all so edgy and I love it
    across the nightingale floor

    1. Yeah hauls are my favourite thing to look at aswell for the same reason! Thanks for checking my blog out, really appreciate it :) xx

  2. Ahhh that skull jumper is amazing!!!! I love skulls - I'm not an emo though :P the Nivea Lip Butter Tins are gorgeous though, I really love them. So cheap & moisturising xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie