Friday, 2 August 2013

Wishlist! #1

Wishlist! #1
1. The Porefessional by Benefit. I've heard so many good things about this & the only thing holding me back from buying it is the price really, but I'm sure it would be worth it from hearing all the reviews so I might end up putting money aside & just going for it!
2. Metallica crop top from Forever21. I love the design of this & I've been looking for a Metallica top in a certain style for ages now & as soon as I saw this I just loved it instantly. I know this is a certain taste & not everyone will like it, because of the band maybe but I love it! (and I also like the band btw! haha)
3. NYX soft matte lip cream. I love the colours Sydney & Tokyo & would really love to try them out. There hard to get hold of in the UK but I've seen a few Ebay sellers so you might see them in a future haul!
4. Iphone 5. I know I'm really late on the bandwagon with this one but I've always wanted an Iphone but at the moment I cant have it on contract & can't afford to buy the phone. I've currently got a LG cookie (woah.) but I'll get the Iphone 5 eventually, probably when the Iphone 7 comes out, but I'll get there anyway! haha


  1. I can say the porefessional works so so well for me! I've now been through two tubes but I really hate coming to the end as it is that good I know I will end up buying it again at some point! You can get Benefit from ASOS though and you can get 10% off with a student card (not much but may help!) I really do love it though! I've just posted a clothing wish list on my blog if you're interested! :) xx

    1. Never thought to look on there for it, thanks!
      I think I will definitely try it, I don't think I've come across a bad review on it yet so that's got to be good! :D
      & yeah cool, I'll go & have a look now :) xx