Sunday, 8 February 2015

MissGuided & Illasmasqua Sales Haul!

I'm meant to be saving what money I have at the moment for a car etc. But I slipped up once or twice and done a bit of online shopping, these things were in the sale though, so I don't feel quite so bad.

I've never actually shopped at Missguided before but I'm so glad I finally have! Their sale items were so cheap, and the deliver was super quick! I originally had about £40 upwards in my shopping basket, which quite a lot of actually had colour in them (wybi? Let's see if my dad really reads my blog! ha) However, I started looking back and thinking I don't really want to spend too much so narrowed it down to these 3 which all ended up being black and grey.. so back to my normal colours but I do love them. The T-shirt is just a basic but I thought the print was different and would be great to layer with, the other two are actually crop tops & I did think to myself at the time, what am I doing buying crop tops in the winter! But their easily paired with high waisted jeans and easy to layer.. plus I can wear them when it starts getting slightly more warmer. The grey one was the most expensive at £11 but definitely worth it as it feels so thick! So I would imagine this would be a bit too thick to wear in the summer months anyway not like the white and black one which is quite light so would be great to carry with you in the warmer months & chuck on when it gets a bit colder during the evenings.
 I also had a look on Illamasqua, I can never resist their sales! Their always so good!
When it first started online I kept looking at the Multi Facet Palette in Aura but thought do I really want to spend £23 on one thing especially as I'm saving at the moment however, I looked back on one of the last days of their sales and they had discounted it even more, down to around £13 so I couldn't resist! It was urging me on! The same thing happened with the make up bag, this was originally £20 which I would never pay, then went down to £10 and again to £6 so sometimes it pays to wait! The palette is gorgeous and I'm so glad that I picked it up, I'll be doing a proper review on it soon, it's unfortunely been discontinued now but the other shade 'Semblance' is still in stock but back up to their original price. As for the make up bag, I wasn't overly pleased, I'm glad I didn't pay £10.. it's so much smaller than imagined and it just doesn't feel very structured for something as high end as Illamasqua. I'm sure once my make ups in their and its bulked about a bit it will grow on me!
Did you guys pick up anything in either of these sales, let me know what you got!


  1. I haven't shopped on illamasqua for ages but it's always worth it and missguided have some great sale steals xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Definitely! I'll be going back to missguided a lot more now haha x